Simplifying Application Deployments and Operations

Stack Aero provides a full stack platform to design, deploy, operate the operating environment of applications running in private or public cloud, with common taxonomy and standards that can help adopt any compute platform and operate consistency across any environment powered by API, Mobile and ChatOps.

Platform Agnostic

Application deployments based on infrastructure agnostic approach. One Model, Any Cloud Provides developers the ability to model applications based on a common runtime terminology and deploy the model across multiple cloud providers.


Promotes Infrastructure as code approach to enable software driven operations empowering developers to develop automation code using any framework.Framework agnostic automation enables rapid integration and automation of manual operations

Social Operations

Resolve issue faster using social collaboration powered by chatops. Executing tasks through chat enables collaborative resolution. Platform provides capabilities to manage issues, incidents and changes tightly coupled with deployment and operational capabilities


Application Modeling

Provides capabilities for modeling application by assembling a set of Stacks in the Catalog and applying Application specific configuration including runtime Environment configuration.

Docker Deployments

Enables Container based application deployments to facilitate micro services architecture and support cloud native applications. Reinforces multiple container orchestration engines including native Docker swarm or Mesos.

Deploy Anywhere

Model your application once and deploy it across multiple runtime private and public cloud environments. Consistently deploying applications under standardized environments, empowering organizations to deploy applications independent of the underlying infrastructure.

SDLC & Integration Continuous Delivery

Enables automated application deployments integrated with the Enterprise CICD platforms. Provides capabilities to integrate with Source code management systems like GitLab, GitHub and Build system based on Jenkins for continuous integration.

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Migrating business of banking client to the public cloud

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