IT Innovation & Product Development

Today businesses are constantly adding new offerings to their product or service line and complementing that with upgrades in their existing line of products/services. In this kind of an environment, it is necessary for firms to invest heavily in product R&D. They need to keep constant surveillance on the market to look out for changing trends or shifting consumer demands and react accordingly. Firms have realized the importance of first mover advantage and that is the reason that they continually strive to come up with new innovative products and try to avoid stagnancy. 

At Intone, we aspire to help you develop products which deliver total value to your clients and enable you to add innovation to your products to extend that benefit to your clientele.

Trends in IT innovation and product development

IT innovation generally is concerned with the use of technology in several ways to improve the efficiency of the organization and align them with busi...
IT Innovation and product development

Purview of enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility refers to an approach wherein any employee can do his/her work from anywhere by use of different types of applications and devices...
Enterprise MobilityTechnology Services

Major decisions taken prior to outsourcing business practices

Outsourcing is defined as the practice wherein a firm entrusts another firm to carry out one of its operational functions. Firms do this in order to f...
IT Infrastructure/IT managed ServicesWeb Accessibility

Integration of automation in financial services

The advent of automation as a part of business processes has seen a direct spike in the effectiveness and efficiency of firms in all sectors. The stor...

Integrating cloud with ERP

The foremost example of integrating Cloud computing services with ERP is Cloud ERP, a type of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is host...
ERP COETechnology Services

Innovation in web accessibility technology

As Web accessibility continues to gather importance and attention, a greater emphasis is being placed on making the system wide, rather than individua...
BPO & IT Managed ServicesWeb Accessibility

Information security as a tool to develop trust

For a considerable period of time, the general public has been raising concerns about the use of their private data without their consent and the safe...
Information Security,Cyber Security Technology & Network Services

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