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Since joining Intone Networks couple of years back I have had many opportunities to develop skills, and my industry knowledge. Intone has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging opportunities offshore and onsite. There are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills.

Swetha Monlisa

Delivery Head

It has been a great journey for 3 years now working with Intone and it was a great pleasure as it has given me various new learnings and exposure to fortune 1000 clients and their refined processes in the US Staffing Industry. People at the top in Intone are always encouraging and supportive in all aspects and provides guidance to achieve goals and reach new milestones every year.

Praveen Reddy

Delivery Head

In the Enterprise application space, we continue to follow the trends of how organizations are looking to reduce their total cost of ownership. There currently is a shift of moving most business processes into a single ERP in order to get better visibility, reporting, data, and metrics. To further reduce costs, a shift to Oracle Cloud or SAP S4 HANA seem to be a trend amongst Fortune 100 companies as cloud computing adoption increases. New laws and regulations has also forced new movements in GDPR Compliance, Revenue Recognition changes, as well heavier investments in Security.



Davey Sehwani

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Intone has been a cradle of learning for the wise as they say and personally have been blessed to experience this development of an individual due to the organizational expansion. Lot of opportunities otherwise which only age and tons of experience can open doors, has been made available to most of us who showed the zeal and desire to learn irrespective of our age or experience and that’s a matter to be thankful always.


Benhur Reuben

Vice President, Consulting