We understand the nature and operational dynamics of the energy industry. There is an industry transformation which is underway. Whether it is investing in digitizing operations or mastering technologies like predictive analytics, RPA, AI cloud migration, and CRM, industry leaders today must reinvent their DNA to transform, grow and adapt to succeed.

That’s where we at Intone come in. With more than 15 years of energy industry experience, our consulting teams enable energy companies to turn new technologies and digital disruptions into solutions for competitive advantage.

Whether it is in sales and marketing, finance, exploration, trading or refining we have achieved outstanding client successes and sustainable performance improvement through a variety of enablers including Optimizing Cloud migration, customer connectivity through CRM, financial transformation, and more effective continuous monitoring through global GRC platforms and IT integration.

Let us help you move the needle to higher levels of performance in today’s digital energy revolution.

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Expanding client’s efficiency for global R&D operations

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Cybersecurity as a challenge for a municipal utility company

Our client, a municipal utility company, cited cybersecurity as one of their foremost challenges. The public welfare, local, regional, and national ec...
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cyber security as a challenge