World’s first autonomous Database Cloud The world’s first self-driving database in the cloud eliminates human error and manual tuning, delivering unprecedented availability, security, reliability, and performance at much lower cost.
  • Mark V. Hurd
    CEO of Oracle

    "Mark Vincent Hurd is CEO of Oracle Corporation and serves on the board of directors. Ellison hired Hurd based on his success and experience at Hewlett Packard:"

  • Safra Catz
    CEO of Oracle

    "Ranked among the most powerful women in business, Safra Catz became a member of the company's Board of Directors in October 2001 and President of Oracle Corporation in early 2004. In 2014, she stood alongside Mark V. Hurd as CEO."

    CEO of Intone Networks Inc.

    “In the ever changing and highly dynamic global IT environment, Intone has succeeded to report consistent growth year over year and is able to make its footprint not only in North America, it has expanded its business operation to Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific.”

  • Davey M. Sehwani
    EVP & Chief Information Officer

    "Trusted advisor and business partner with an impressive 25-year track record of driving immediate results in any setting, across Pharmaceuticals, Health Care & Medical devices, Financial, & Retail industries."

Why Oracle Cloud? Oracle Cloud is the most powerful, unified cloud solution available today. It redefines how you modernize, innovate, and compete in a digital world, delivering complete and integrated cloud services that allow business users and developers to cost-effectively build, deploy, and manage workloads seamlessly—in the cloud or on premises.


Businesses need complete technology solutions that reduce complexity and provide seamless delivery experience.


Description: Oracle gives you more options for where and how you make your journey to the cloud.


Oracle security enables your path to the cloud with layers throughout the stack that protect your public-cloud environmentsand more.



Options are important on your path to the cloud. With Oracle, you can deploy and manage apps on your private or public clouds.


Oracle helps you realize the value of emerging technologies, including AI, machine learning, chatbots, and more.


More than 4000 Oracle Partner apps and services are offered on the marketplace with advanced cloud portfolio in the industry.

Enterprises face tough decisions about the future of their application portfolio. With Oracle, you can truly move, build, and run your entire application portfolio in the cloud.